Our week: 23rd – 28th October 2017

Sometimes you have weeks where you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, and other times you have weeks like this one, where you’ve basically moved a lot of cars around and not really solved any problems. 

Both the Capri-12 and the Alfa 6C Sprint replica are now both inside and dry, though the Alfa has deteriorated during its time outside, with the body additions showing a lot of wear. That isn’t as bad as it sounds though, because all of that will be coming off and be done properly this time (or at least it will be when we are finally able to start the project). The Capri-12 was under a tarpaulin during its time outside and is absolutely fine, apart from the doors being inside the car and what I’ve been assured is an engineering nightmare.

We pulled our MG B V8 (track prepared) out of its long term parking space and got it started too, though it may take a little more work before I can take it out on the road. It was my intention to pull the engine and gearbox out and repaint the engine bay (and tidy everything up) before putting this car up for sale but in a bid to clear out our project list and with the realisation that the car is perfectly suited to what it has been built to do I may just list it as it is, though the temptation to do at least something to make it a little prettier is strong. On a good note we also had the chance to put it up in the air and found that it is a very solid little car that needs no work and doesn’t appear to have had much done either, someone is going to be able to buy a very special little car quite soon.

Our Sunbeam Alpine project is also getting closer to completion, with a lot of the prep work being done before the car is resprayed. The car was nearly complete, before we took the decision that the paint wasn’t good enough and that we really want this to be a fantastic car for its new owner. It shouldn’t be too long and you’ll be able to see the car all assembled and ready for sale.

Due to a cock up with our parts supplier neither my own XJS or the V12 XJS are back on the road, the injector seals that were sent for the V12 were well oversized for the job and probably more suited to an actual cruise liner, rather than a GT cruiser. Its an easy mistake for the UK’s leading Jaguar specialist to make I’m sure. The running issue on my own XJS is still being worked on and hopefully there will be a final answer next week.

We’ve also listed three cars for sale this week. Our 1973 Ford Escort Mexico Replica is a truly special car and a fun car to drive while being a bit of a handful (as a Fast Ford certainly should be!). That car is also priced very reasonably compared to a few cars that have come to the market in recent weeks for over £20k or even £30k! It can be all yours for just £18k. Also listed this week are two of our ‘project’ Jaguar XJSs, one of them is a 4.0 auto car that is in a little bit of a sorry state but does have an MOT, and the other is a 3.6 manual car that has no MOT and needs some welding on the underside among a few other jobs before it can go back on the road, but it is well worth doing. You can have a look at the listings for both cars on our current stock page.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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