A project for winter?

We’ve now listed two of our XJS projects for sale, as it would be better for someone else to get them back on the road and enjoy them rather than us keep them sat at the back of our workshop constantly being pushed to the back of the projects list. The two cars are both similar and very different, one is a pre-facelift and the other a post-facelift. Both are straight six cars, one with the 3.6 and one a 4.0. The most interesting thing is that one is an auto and the other is a (now rare) manual car. I’ve driven a 3.6 manual XJS and they are a very different proposition to the auto cars, with a more engaging drive and they feel faster too. The auto car is a lovely thing to cruise down the motorway in, and that is what an XJS does best.

The 4.0 car has an MOT but does need work, it runs and drives but the interior is the least pleasant of the two cars. The 3.6 has been sat up since 2008 (since it was last MOTd) and though it runs and drives it will need welding before it could pass an MOT. The 4.0 car has a great history folder with the original book pack and a good amount of paperwork detailing a lot of expenditure that shows this car was loved and cared for up until recent times. The 3.6 car also comes with its original book pack and service book but not much beyond that unfortunately.

You can view both cars on our current stock page and there are more photos along with walk around videos, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions.

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