Our Projects

Here you can find a selection of our current and future projects. We love to put cars back on the road and put our own mark on some of them. You’ll be able to follow these projects in our blog and on our YouTube channel. We are also happy to take on customer projects, please get in touch if you have a project in mind. We can help to maintain your vehicle too and provide servicing as well as looking after the other needs of your classic vehicle.


1973 Triumph Stag

Our Stag was completed in the summer of 2018 after much expenditure and went to its new home shortly after. Hopefully it will be enjoyed for many years to come. In general I’m not the hugest fan of Stags but I did come to love this car and it drove beautifully.



1961 Sunbeam Alpine

Our Sunbeam was also completed in mid 2018 and went to its new home shortly after so that the new owner could enjoy it in the final months of summer.



Ford Escort RS2000 X-Pack

This Fast Ford is being restored and modified. The car arrived with us in late 2016 and is currently in our workshop. The intention is to make this car into something you cannot miss, the colour will be changing as will other details but the result will be an exciting car to look at and to drive. The car was owned by the previous owner for 25 years to the day – which is quite a feat.


Jaguar XJ6 Manual

This low mileage, one owner Jaguar XJ6 is a rare manual car that has been in storage since the early 90s, and its in our workshop ready to receive everything it needs to be restored to its former glory.


1979 Porsche 928 Strosek

The 928 is something of an icon of the 80s and one modified by Strosek perhaps even more so. The bodykit fitted to this car may not to be everyone’s taste but it certainly makes for an unusual Porsche. Another good factor about this car is that it is a rare manual example. She’s not in the prettiest of conditions at the moment but even in this poor state this car has a real presence and we can’t wait to see how she looks when restored to her former glory.



Renault 17 Gordini

It’s a rare sight to see a Renault 17 but far rarer to see a Gordini model. This car is one of only two that we know of in the UK and is a low mileage, one owner car. The only owner was a Doctor and the car was stored for many years both before and after he passed away. This little car won’t be sold when it is restored but simply will stay in the family with an avid Renault fan.



Acoma Mini Comtesse

There is no doubt that this French micro car is an ugly ducking, but to us it is worth saving sheerly for how quirky it is. These were build in the 70s mainly and feature a standard door on one side and a (flimsy) gull-wing door on the other. The engine sits above the front wheel providing 3.4 hp and the body is made from fibreglass. Surprisingly over 7,000 of these micro-cars were built due to the fact that their 3/5 wheel design allowed for them to be driven on a moped license. This isn’t ever going to be a desirable car (unless you have a fascination with potentially dangerous micro cars that are famous for tipping over) but for us it forms an easy and fun little project that will provide a talking point for anyone who visits us.



1967 MG B GT

This MG B is destined to become a highly modified classic which will start with the introduction of a large V8 and many details to create a personalised and reimagined MG. As a personal project this one may take time to get started but it will definitely be one worth following.