1973 Ford Escort Mexico Replica


If you’re interested in old Fords then you’ve probably seen the price of Escort Mexicos soar over recent years – and the price of replicas sky-rocket in recent months, with some being listed for over £30,000. Our Mexico replica is priced a little more sensibly at £17,995 with a little room for negotiation too. This characterful little car was completely rebuilt and upgraded by its previous owner (with only two previous owners before him), with a parts only cost (including the car) of over £12,000, and the labour cost would have probably been a similar price again at least, so you couldn’t build this car for this money.

The car is presented in one of the best colour combinations for a mk1 Escort of blue with the white stripe, and it easily attracts the eye when you see this car out on the road. This car has barely been used since its completion and the underside is just as lovely as the top, and we have photos that we can send if you would like to see them.

The car was fitted with new front and rear panels when it was restored to its current state, along with a new/old stock bonnet (hard to find and expensive too), new wheel arches and outer sills, before the addition of more modern RS top plates and an Alan Dent gearbox tunnel to make room for the Type 9 gearbox. The car was also fitted with a nearly new genuine rear bumper and front grille, and new front quarter bumpers too.

The interior is in very good condition, with the addition of an Alan Dent roll cage, new OMP period racing seats, six dial dashboard, fire extinguisher,  Springalex replica deep dish steering wheel, and other new trim pieces. For anyone driving the car, the gear knob is still an original four speed piece (which no one told me and I had to figure it out pretty quickly when it wasn’t going into reverse!).

The car is fitted with a 1600cc Pinto engine with a large alloy radiator and a Fiesta ST fan.  The five speed gearbox is upgraded (rose-jointed, quick-shift linkage) and is mated to a heavy duty prop shaft, RS axle with a 3.54 differential. The uprights come from a 2.8i Capri and have been refurbished with new discs, pads and calipers. The front Alan Dent crossmember features adjustable track rod control arms, a heavy duty steering joint and a quick rack.

The rear leaf springs also come from a 2.8-litre Capri and the whole set-up has been lowered by 1.5 inches and fitted with heavy duty anti-tramp bars. New gas shock absorbers have been fitted on all four corners and the wheels are 7×13” Superlights shod with new Yokohama tyres.

This is a special little car, and while it isn’t the fastest Ford on the road, it certainly is fun to drive and represents everything a fast Escort should, with a lively driving experience that leaves you in no doubt that this is an old school car.


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