Acoma Mini Comtesse

Monday 7th August 2017

I thought I would write a blog post for the Mini Comtesse to see if anyone else but me could give it some love (everyone here seems to want to kick it over). The Acoma is in a bit of a sorry state at the moment as you can see from the photo above and is currently shoved in a dark corner at the back of the workshop waiting for parts that have seemingly never been ordered. This ugly little microcar will see the road again, though it needs to be registered as it came with no paperwork at all. I’m curious to drive it, though it will have to be taken out in a van as we’re surrounded by big hills it has no chance of getting over (especially with me in it). Apparently they top out at around 20 mph which isn’t all that surprising for a three wheeler with only 3.4 hp. The fibreglass body isn’t in the most fantastic shape but its mainly the hinges of the gull-wing door that need attention and I quite like it’s worn and slightly battered aesthetic. I think something may have to be done about the lawn chair that is fitted inside even if it is just a deep clean. We’re currently looking for another one to fit a large engine in to take to Santa Pod too…


Sunday 20th August 2017

Thanks to the sleuthing skills of a colleague some more history of the Acoma has turned up. Apparently the car was part of the Stondon Motor Museum collection which was sold via Brightwells in 2015. This helps to explain why the car is in a perished state and needs work because it has been sat up, and I can only assume it was sat up between then and when I bought it earlier this year. If you take a look at the link below you can see the condition of the rest of the vehicles in the collection which ranges between good and somewhat unloved. There still is no sign of those parts that have been ordered either, though the car has been given the nickname ‘The Green Bubble’ seeing as I’m the only one who can remember its actual name.

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