1961 Sunbeam Alpine

Monday 7th August

This lovely little Alpine has been in our workshop for nearly as long as our Stag, though was started later and is now nearing completion. At first we didn’t think it would need a full restoration, and indeed there have been things it hasn’t needed but its still had a lot more work than expected. I went to pick up the car near Amberley on a nice day over a year ago now – with the intention of driving it back. The car looked to be well enough to drive, and so I set off for the three hour drive home, the only thing it was missing was the glass from the rear of the hardtop. Six miles down the road and the car was driving well though needed fuel, an easy enough problem to fix. After filling the car up completely and paying I climbed back into the car, turned the key and…nothing. I would later find out that the dynamo had failed (there was also a fuel leak). This left me to push the car uphill off of the pump into a parking space and call for a recovery truck – I was promptly told off for using my phone by the grumpy station manager which didn’t particularly help (though another friendly member of staff made up for it). I settled in for a wait and luckily enough the car itself saved me from boredom, with plenty of people stopping to talk to me – including a lovely elderly gentleman who told me all about one he used to own with a big smile. Four hours later and the truck finally arrived and luckily it hadn’t rained and I was on the way home again. Now the car is nearly complete I can’t wait to drive it (and not break down!) and I will be sad to sell this car as I’ve got quite fond memories of it.