1973 Triumph Stag

Monday 7th August 2017

As you can see from the photo album below, our Stag has nearly come to the end of its extensive restoration. This car has been both loved and loathed during its time with us for a variety of reasons, though the first time I got it out on the road a few weeks ago made it really make sense for me. This certainly isn’t the prettiest car but it does drive beautifully and announces itself with a throaty roar – plus for me there is something a little sinister to its all black aesthetic. I was hoping to have the Stag in the hands of a new owner who would love and cherish it by now but a few snags have sprung up when given a thorough inspection and we want this car to be the very best, and everything must be right. Still, it won’t be long and someone will be able to enjoy this icon once again.


1st September 2018

Our Triumph has now gone to its new home to be enjoyed and cherished. This project was eventually completed after a huge amount of work and expenditure to make sure the car was in top order. I’ve never been the Stag’s biggest fan and certainly went through a lot of heart ache with this particular car but it did give me a new appreciation for it and when it was finished it was lovely to drive, certainly an ideal summer cruiser to have the roof down in the sun listening to that lovely soundtrack.

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