Ford Escort RS2000 X-Pack

Monday 7th August 2017

This Escort is something a little special, and is going to be a fantastic car once completed. It was owned by the previous owner for 25 years to the day and during that time he added the proper X-Pack kit, changed the colour to this eye catching shade of green and completely stripped the car down. We’re completing the project, though we took it back to bits from what had been built to ensure it was all correct and we’ll be adding our own touch to it, such as the roll cage we’ve built for it. We’re also looking to change the colour so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! Hopefully we’re going to get the car out after the initial build up and test it and perhaps make a short video for you to enjoy.

Tuesday 6th February 2018


We’re well past time for an update on our Escort project, and now that the car is up and running I thought it was well past time that I updated this page for anyone who might look at it. The car has had a lot of work done on it since it arrived, and that is in-between another couple of projects that were already further advanced. The roll cage is all new and built by one of our own talented workshop staff (though because it isn’t certified it is for looks only). The car is nearly ready to go with the glass already back in and the front seats going back in soon. The car will then be extensively tested (with a little fun involved perhaps) to make sure that we are happy with the way that the car drives and that it performs just as it should do. The car will then be stripped down and all of the aesthetic work will begin, with fresh paint in a new colour (which we haven’t decided on yet and would love to hear any suggestions you have, so feel free to drop me an email). The interior is going to be modified too with new seats going in among plenty of other additions. I can’t wait to get the car out and have a drive of it and hopefully within a couple of weeks I will have the chance to, and I’ll upload a video or two when I do.

Saturday 11th May 2019


So this update has been very slow in coming. Other work got in the way and the Escort got stashed at the back of the workshop awaiting attention. It has now been delivered to the paint shop and they’re going to be making it look as lovely as we could hope, and in a similarly bright colour too. I’ll also be sourcing a new bonnet for the car as I don’t like the fibreglass example that came with the car (which had holes cut in it anyway). A metal bonnet may be heavier but will achieve a better finish with no rippling.

Friday 31st May 2019


An original RS2000 bonnet was sourced and delivered to the paint shop a week ago and is now fitted to the car. As you can see the alignment isn’t too great at the front due to the kit, but this is being worked on to hopefully provide a much better finish before it is painted. The grille area is also going to be replaced after it was mistakenly cut. I did consider having mesh created in a way that would replicate the solid grille but decided against it. I will also be sourcing a new latch as the bonnet will not be having race style catches.