921 days later…..the XJR-S 6.0 is in primer.

No less than 921 days after delivering the Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 to the paint shop, it has finally been primered. My patience, at times, has been tested with the inefficiency, but considering it is a small business and a reasonable rate I’ve tried not to complain too much. The bodywork to correct rust to the arches and areas under the bodykit was completed earlier this year and you can see that post here. Yesterday I went to take a look at the progress, and to collect the headlining which was the only thing left in the car. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the original board had been replaced with a fibre one, meaning that it won’t lose shape or fall apart, and hopefully means that the headlining itself won’t drop, which is a common XJ-S problem.

Fingers crossed it shouldn’t take too much longer for the car to be fully painted and on its way back to me, though I won’t completely hold my breath. It’ll be nice to see it all glossy in a new coat of paint, and don’t worry, it won’t come back yellow – maybe. It’s unlikely that the car will be back on the road by year end as no doubt by now there will be other jobs that will need completing, and the interior does need some attention from a specialist. I’ll have to wait a little longer and look forward to enjoying my first drive in this car in 2021. You can see a few photos of the car in its current state below.

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