New Arrivals: Alfa 6C Sprint & Capri-12

Two of our most recent arrivals are also two very interesting cars – and ones we can’t wait to get started on. Firstly we have a recreation of an Alfa 6C Sprint (which never actually got built or homologated) that has fallen into disrepair, though it still sounds incredible. The other car is a Ford Capri (originally a 1.6 LS) that has been fitted with a BMW V12, which we’re sure will make for an ‘interesting’ driving experience.

Both cars are a little bonkers in their own way and it will be exciting to see how they turn out. They won’t be started straight away due to the constraints of having other projects in our workshop though I am making an effort to clear the list above them to see that they aren’t left too long. There are actually a couple of old videos of the Alfa on YouTube and I’ve added another which you can see above.

You’ll be able to follow both restorations on our projects page and since the Capri is going to be non original any suggestions you have for modifications are more than welcome.

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