Cars and Curry at the Headley – August 2017

I’m a big fan of car meets, we’ve run a few of our own (and more soon hopefully) and the Cars and Curry event at the Headley Spice is one of my favourites. Its only just down the road from us and there are always some fantastic cars that turn up. Last night saw a pair of 675LTs turn up among many other rare machines. I was hoping to take our mk1 Escort Mexico replica but a couple of issues stopped that plan and I turned to the Triple 8 Astra as it was easily accessible, running well and clean. I haven’t driven the Astra in a while and I was glad I took it last night as it reminded me of what a fantastic car it really is, the drive up there left me unable to take a clear photo due to the after effects of an adrenaline rush – its that good! This is a proper turbo car that blasts you down the road once it gets on boost and its surprises you at how quickly the needle goes around the dial towards the top of the rev range. There aren’t many of these around now and I believe only around 30 of these are still on the road (though I would imagine there are a fair few stashed in garages too). If you ever get a chance to drive one of these cars I recommend you do, there aren’t any cars being built with this kind of chivvy attitude anymore which is a sad thing because it makes for a fun car that drives, sounds and looks the part. For me, this car is about being fun and not grown up – which is something a few new cars could certainly learn a lesson from.


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