The Renault 17 Gordini

Now you may not recognise this car, and I would be willing to bet that you probably haven’t ever seen one in the flesh either (I certainly hadn’t). I saw this car come up for auction with CCA (Classic Car Auctions) when they were at the NEC in Birmingham and decided it was worth a look due to the rarity and that fact my Dad is a big Renault fan. He served his apprenticeship on Renaults and has told me more than once about how he got into fights at school because he liked them and the rest of the kids liked Fords. This was one of the only cars he never saw or worked on, a Renault 17 Gordini. He didn’t quite believe that it was a true one and gave the auctioneer a bit of a grilling before confirming for himself – it is one of less than five times I’ve seen him excited about a car and I knew we had to buy it. We also learned that this was a one owner car (the first being a Doctor who passed away), that the car had been garaged for a long time and that it was one of only two RHD models in the UK, and they only knew of the other because the owner wrote into the auction house. This car is going to stay in the family and be enjoyed by my Dad once restored, you’ll be able to follow the restoration here and I’ll be sure to post a photo of him with the big grin I know he’ll have the first time he gets to drive it.

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  1. I hate to dissapoint the owner but maybe he should talk to sone of the club’s as there are many more than two. Last one sold in a club went for £100

    1. Yes we’re aware that there are more since this was written, though originally the green one was sold at auction as being the only one that was known about (and I do believe they did ask the clubs), and the white one referred to the green one when it was being sold at auction. When did a Gordini sell in a club for £100, out of interest? And what sort of condition was it in?

  2. A friend of mine had a 17 Gordini in this same colour back in late 80’s. I went along with him to buy it and the guy selling took us up on the M25 and boy did it fly! He ran it for a couple of years and ended up selling to a less mechanically minded friend who ran it dry of oil and seized the engine! Such a shame, it’s was great fun to be in.
    He ended up in old British convertibles whilst I shot around in an 11 turbo. Good times!

    1. Ah what a shame it ended up like that! They’re great little cars and I do love the colour. Hopefully it won’t be long and this one will be out on the road

  3. Have owned 2 17 gordinis in my Time and a ts and 2 tls. Would l9ve to see more on this car…and if it’s ever for sale let me know

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