Tuesday 6th February 2018 – RS2000 X-Pack


We’re well past time for an update on our Escort project, and now that the car is up and running I thought it was well past time that I updated this page for anyone who might look at it. The car has had a lot of work done on it since it arrived, and that is in-between another couple of projects that were already further advanced. The roll cage is all new and built by one of our own talented workshop staff (though because it isn’t certified it is for looks only). The car is nearly ready to go with the glass already back in and the front seats going back in soon. The car will then be extensively tested (with a little fun involved perhaps) to make sure that we are happy with the way that the car drives and that it performs just as it should do. The car will then be stripped down and all of the aesthetic work will begin, with fresh paint in a new colour (which we haven’t decided on yet and would love to hear any suggestions you have, so feel free to drop me an email). The interior is going to be modified too with new seats going in among plenty of other additions. I can’t wait to get the car out and have a drive of it and hopefully within a couple of weeks I will have the chance to, and I’ll upload a video or two when I do.

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