Saturday 2nd May 2020 – RS2000 X-Pack

Over the past few months the work on the Escort have been ongoing. Progress has been slow due to the amount of other work in the workshop that is ongoing, and because we’re trying to find and categorise all of the parts that arrived with the car which was essentially a rolling shell at that point. As expected there are a fair few parts missing, along with a number that were broken or just not useable. We do have a few duplicates though, which may come in handy.

The onset of Coronavirus has slowed down our ability to buy and receive parts from suppliers (some of whom are already slow and unhelpful, and others have been fantastic). We’ve been rewiring the whole car and deciding on a few modifications, and creating some bespoke solutions to enable the car to become just what we want.

Over the past months walking past the car in the workshop I’ve been trying to decide if I should still with the original wheels with some nice chunky tyres,  or if I should upgrade to a larger variant so that I have better tyre options and can upgrade the brakes. Thanks to quite a few people on Twitter I’ve decided to stick with the original 13″ wheels, and I may have found a nice brake upgrade that will fit under them quite nicely, and give the car much better stopping power.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

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