Bye-Bye Big Blue Merc

Our lovely CL has just gone off to a new home, this particular car was with us for a while and the market has been a bit saturated as of late with 90s Mercedes which didn’t help. However its hard to find examples like ours that are not only in great condition, but also have a fantastic history folder showing that the car has wanted for nothing. Now is the time to buy one of these lovely cruisers and enjoy it over the next few years while they appreciate in price. Our car even had the original bill of sale and the original phone, and it isn’t very often that you find those things. This is the kind of car that can crush continents and glides effortlessly over many miles while cosseting you in the luxuries of 1998.

These big cars can make for big bills, they’re packed with features and technology that is still trickling down to the main market all of these years on and that can be expensive to fix. My advice would to be to look for a car that has been well cared for and had good money spent on it even at its lowest point of depreciation rather than being neglected. You should also trust your gut in these situations when trying to ascertain whether a car is right for you. Always take someone experienced if you don’t have the experience yourself. If you can find one in great condition and have the space and the money to keep one for a few years I would advise you to, though don’t forget to enjoy it!

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