Thursday 21st May 2020 – Mercedes Cosworth

Long time no update! I’ve not really done much with the car since my last post (big surprise) as essentially it still had the same issue, and it soon became winter and then turned into Covid-19.

However, today the postman delivered a new idle control valve (which wasn’t cheap for £150 new, I didn’t think that the risk of buying a £60 used one was worth it). We’d removed the original one a couple of weeks ago and it had been sitting on a desk waiting for me to get around to it.

The new one is now fitted and then it wouldn’t start. Cue much head scratching and it turns out the fuel pump wasn’t engaging, or receiving power as it turns out. The fuel pump relay had failed too. Luckily I had one on hand and we swapped it out and the car started easily enough. It has still stalled a couple of times so I’m not entirely confident, but I do think it is running better on its own – though I could just be trying to fool myself into thinking that I haven’t wasted £150.


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