Sunday 12th April 2020 – 6C Sprint

I bought this on a bit of a whim on eBay in August 2017, and its in the list of cars to be saved. I’ve always got time to appreciate an interesting Alfa, and this one is certainly something a little bit different, as it’s a mid engine Busso V6 conversion ‘designed’ to emulate the 6C Sprint. I bought it for not a lot of money, but knowing that it’ll need a lot of money spent on it, as it’s an old, modified Alfa Romeo that seems to be mostly constructed of rust and fibreglass, although the boot lid/engine cover is all steel and incredibly heavy. I’m yet to be convinced that the conversion is in any way nearing well engineered, and I’ve got a strong feeling that there will be more than a couple of horrors unearthed when it finally gets stripped back to its bare shell (and a whole lot of rust…). I can distinctly remember the looks I got when this car arrived on the back of a lorry, but after hearing the sound this little car can make the looks became (slightly) more understanding, as it is absolutely raucous. The bodywork is a shambles, with cracking and splitting everywhere, including the roof. The gearbox linkage may be troublesome in the future, especially since I’ve been lead to believe that the running gear is from an Alfa 164, and simply turned 180 degrees. This project is going to require a huge amount of fabrication, time and money spent on it to make it a half way reasonable car, and of course I always daydream of replacing all of that fibreglass with much better shaped carbon fibre….which would make the car lightweight and probably a more lethal, more Italian Clio V6. This one isn’t high up the list of projects so it may be a while before you see any movement on it,  but I will get it done eventually!

This video just gives you a small example of just how fantastic that Busso V6 sounds, and why I want to make this ferocious little car into something fantastic.

The video above is a walk around video, so you can see just how shoddy all of that bodywork (and everything else) is. Am I mad? Maybe! 


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