Monday 12th August 2019 – 190e Cosworth

I went to the Radwood event at Goodwood yesterday, and had the most fun drive down to Goodwood that I can remember. The roads were a bit wet and we had a few small showers of rain but the roads were clear and the car was driving beautifully. The only problem I had was in traffic at the Dartford River Crossing on the way back home, as the car did its old trick of not idling which made start stop traffic interesting (because I was trying to balance the brake, clutch and throttle to keep the car running whilst stopping) but mostly frustrating as I had to start the car at least fifty times. I really must get it sorted. Sadly the Radwood event wasn’t as busy as I had hoped but there were a few great cars on display and it was nice to be able to chat to a couple of the owners, and I was certainly tempted by the Renault 21 Turbo that was for sale. I ended up covering around 300 miles yesterday and went past 187,000 miles too. It is the most mileage the Merc has covered recently (and unfortunately), but served as a reminder that I should give this car more attention, as it really is fantastic.


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