2002 Vauxhall Astra Triple 8


The Car

The Vauxhall Astra T8 is a truly limited edition car, with only 100 built and only 41 currently road registered. These cars do not surface for sale often and they are now an appreciating modern classic that is becoming more popular due to their rarity and because of the car itself, this is a car from a different age.


This car comes with its original books along with other sundry paperwork including some old MOTs and invoices.

Body & Paintwork

In general the condition of the body and paintwork is good though there are some marks in the paintwork and a few small chips on the front bumper though none of this is unexpected on a car of this age or type. There is a small patch of paint by the fuel filler cap that has delaminated.

Interior Trim

The interior of the car is in good condition with minimal wearing on the seats and steering wheel which can often be a problem with cars of this type. There are a few small marks on some hard surfaces but the interior is a pleasant (if not the most comfortable) place to be.


The engine is in good condition and the mileage of the car is relatively low for a car of this age. The engine pulls strongly and sounds exactly as you would hope. You feel the turbo kick in strongly and propel you down the road at quite a pace.

Running Gear

The running gear is also in good condition. The gearbox is tight and changes smoothly with only a short throw allowing for fast gear changes. The brakes stop the car powerfully and in a straight line. The car can be affected by torque steer if you are driving hard in lower gears though this is expected and is something you grow used to as you learn the ways of the car.


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