2002 Jaguar S-Type V8


The Car
This Jaguar represents a very affordable family saloon that is fully optioned and at the top of the range – and best of all fitted with a V8. The car has been well maintained throughout its life. This Jaguar is of another era with its retro styling and now classic look. This is surely the lowest the cars can sink in value before they begin to appreciate as they become modern classics.

​​The car comes with its original book pack which is in fine condition and shows good service history throughout the car’s life-span. The paperwork also includes many well kept invoices and MOTs that allow you to trace the car and attention that has been lavished upon it by previous owners. There has been a lot of money spent on this car to keep it in fine condition and that shows when you look at it.

​Body & Paintwork
The body and paintwork of this car are both in very good condition. the paintwork is generally unmarked and shows little signs of wear for a car of this age and type. There is no rust on the bodywork and the paint polishes up well, displaying the car very nicely as is visible in the photographs above.

​Interior Trim
​Generally the interior of the car is in very good condition and is a very pleasant place to be. The drivers seat shows visibly more wear than the rest of the interior which is a shame though we are currently trying to find a simple fix that will smarten it up a little. The hard plastics do not show a lot of wear though they are not perfect. This car is fully optioned and is very comfortable. It is a useable saloon car that would be at home both on long trips or for more spirited B-road driving.

The engine of this car is in fantastic condition, and with only 90,000 miles on the clock it could easily be considered just about run in. The engine pulls very strongly and sounds lovely too, announcing the car without being too aggressive.

Running Gear
The rest of the running gear is also in excellent condition, the gear change is fantastically smooth and the car handles surprisingly well. This is not an out and out performance car but more a saloon with a surprising performance edge that provides the best of both worlds for. both passengers and driver.


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