1993 Range Rover 4.2 LSE


The Range Rover LSE was a low production, long wheelbase version of the ‘SE/Special Equipment’ Range Rover Classic, coming in both hard and soft dash forms, with plenty of upgrades over the standard, short wheelbase cars, and plenty of legroom for rear seat passengers. These LSE cars feature a 4.2 litre V8 producing 200hp, an upgrade on both the 3.5 and 3.9. litre V8s offered in earlier cars. These cars were the height of luxury at the time that they were built, with electric seats, electric sunroof, electric mirrors and many other options. Over the short production run, roughly 3,000 were produced, and they are certainly a rare sight now, especially in a more interesting colour like this.

This particular LSE is a hard dash car, with 67,000 miles on the clock. It is a mechanically good car, with room for cosmetic improvement. If you are looking for an interesting classic that can be used over winter without too much worry, then this could certainly be a good option, and it drives just like a classic Range Rover should. It also represents the most affordable way into LSE ownership that we have currently seen on the market.

This car has also been the recipient of significant mechanical expenditure in recent years, with car and attention paid to ensuring that the car is structurally solid, and operates as it should, including the original air suspension system. The list of works undertaken and includes: Full service, replacement rear arches, replacement front inner wings, bulkheads, footwell and slam panel repair kits, sill repairs, new air springs (x4), refurbished air compressor, height sensors (x4), replacement front and rear callipers, new front and rear discs, replacement brake lines, replacement upper tailgate, repairs to the driver’s seat ECU, new ball joints, replacement headlights, replacement exhaust, new alternator and battery, new tyres (x4). In our care it has also had all eight fuel injectors tested and rebuilt, providing a boost in power, economy and smoothness.

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