1990 Renault Alpine GTA


Walk around video

This Alpine GTA is a low mileage example with a good history file showing the care of previous owners. It also presents an opportunity to purchase a relatively rare modern classic, which can be used and enjoyed as its creators intended. The term ‘French 911’ isn’t a totally unreasonable one, as this quirky little sports car likes to do things differently, and provides an engaging driving experience because of it.

The paintwork sadly suffers from lacquer peel in a few places around the body, but still presents nicely from a distance. The interior is in good condition and is an enjoyable place to be, with a very period aesthetic and controls. The engine runs sweetly, and creates a fantastic sound, even if it isn’t the most powerful. The car has recently been fitted with a new set of tyres, and handles very well, and is a great deal of run on flowing country lanes. The car was MOTd in October 2020, and we’ve used the car recently both to enjoy it, and to iron out any small issues. Owning an Alpine isn’t for the short tempered, as it does require a certain level of care as most classics do. This car is featured in the April 2021 edition of Jaguar World magazine as a part of a twin test against a Jaguar XJR-S. During the test the Alpine lost its coolant, and we’ve replaced the pipes causing the issue and fortunately have had no similar issues in the 250 miles we’ve covered then. The mileage currently sits at about 39,100 miles, and hopefully any new owner would feel confident to cover many more.

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