1990 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 Mi16


The Car

​The 205 GTi is quite possibly the most iconic of all hot hatches and is still a fast car in its own right. This is a car that every petrolhead should endeavour to own. This particular example is the best that you can buy – the upgraded Mi16 with the engine from the 405 and giving this little 900kg hatchback 160bhp which is 50% more power than early GTis. This was quite a popular conversion for the day but these cars are now quite rare and even more rare in this condition. This car was restored just 6000 miles ago with the engine removed and rebuilt and the body resprayed at the same time. As you can see from the photos this car is in excellent condition for its type and it drives fantastically too.

​From the stickers in the car we believe that it ran in both the 2009 Casablanca Challenge by the Enduro Rally and also the November Sun Run  by Vintage Sun Run.


​This car comes with its original book pack in the plastic wallet with all four books. These are accompanied by a few old MOTs and a couple of invoices. What is especially nice that accompanies is the CD that contains over 100 photos of the car being restored which helps to establish its history somewhat and allows any owner to peruse them at their leisure.

​Body & Paintwork

The body and paintwork of this car are in excellent condition after being restored only 6000 miles ago. There are no signs of any rust on the car and you can look in the wheel arches to see just how clean this fantastic little car is. If you wanted one of these GTis to enjoy as they appreciate then this would be the one. It is completely the right spec with the sunroof and the correct colour too.

Interior Trim

The interior of the car is in good condition overall, the seats are mildly worn but aren’t torn or stained. The carpets all look to be in a new condition and the hard plastics are in good condition too with only minimal wear. The cabin of the car is a pleasant place to be and represents the era that this car came from very well.


​The upgraded engine in this car runs very well and sounds just as throaty as you would hope, this isn’t a car to let itself go unheard. The engine was rebuilt at the same time that the rest of the car was rebuilt 6000 miles ago and therefore is in a nearly new condition. The car pulls well and is very quick in the way only a hot hatch can be.

Running Gear

All aspects of this car are in good condition and it provides an exhilarating drive. The gears shift smoothly with no notching and shifts easily too. The brakes are more than strong enough to keep up with the additional power especially since the car itself is quite light and doesn’t take too much to stop. The car handles very nicely too. This is a car that is far more exciting than much more senior cars with a far higher price tag. This car is all about fun, and thats exactly what you get by driving it.

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