1989 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Convertible


The Car

The Jaguar XJ-S is now a fast appreciating classic in its own right and this is a great example in the right spec. Fitted with the 5.3l V12 and the convertible roof this car is a proper summer cruiser that is perfect for trips away and relaxed driving in the sun. XJ-S values are rising in the wake of the now astronomical e-type and don’t show any real signs of slowing anytime soon. This car also comes with the private registration plate F6XJS which has some value of its own.


​The car comes with a very well kept history file that is organised and well ordered – it goes to show just how well the previous owners have kept the car. The car comes with all of its past MOTs that help to establish that the 54,000 recorded miles are correct, making this car one of the lowest mileage Jaguar XJ-S currently available. The car also comes with its original leather bound book pack that includes the original service book with servicing at Jaguar dealers or Jaguar Specialists. There are also most of the old tax discs for the car which is a nice touch in any history folder. From the paperwork we can tell that this car has done less than 2000 miles since 2010 – this is a rare car at this mileage. The book pack even includes the original fold out dealer map. The past owners have also kept their old insurance documents, number plate change documents, and a good amount of old invoices that show that this Jaguar has been kept in top condition.

Body & Paintwork

​The bodywork of this car is in good shape around apart from a small amount of bubbling behind the nearside front wheel arch. As you can see from the photos the rest of the bodywork is in excellent shape even around the roof and the paintwork is also in lovely condition.

Interior Trim

​The seats of this car are unmarked and in an unworn condition, which isn’t too surprising given the mileage and general condition of this car. The passenger carpet has some wearing to it but otherwise the interior is very good. This is a luxury car with a nice wood finish for the dash and steering wheel and comfortable leather seats. The lining of the soft top roof is also very good with no sagging.


​The engine fitted in this car is a complete match for its character, the big V12 that is perfect for cruising along and could easily be considered just run in with this car’s low mileage. The engine has plenty of power for this big car and provides a smooth power delivery that is easy to enjoy.

Running Gear

All aspects of this car are in great condition. The gearbox changes smoothly and doesn’t hinder progress. The car handles well for one of its type, though it is by no means a car that is designed to be driven hard. The suspension is good too, allowing you to waft along gently and soaking up bad roads quite nicely. The car stops well, with the brakes all pulling evenly and bringing this big convertible to a halt in a straight line.

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