1989 Jaguar XJ-S Convertible


This Jaguar XJ-S Convertible may not be as much of a looker as it could be, but it does have a lot of scope and potential for improvement, and also a chance for any potential owner to create something a little different or return the car to the original specification. The car is MOTd until September 2020, and although it doesn’t drive quite like other XJ-S do, it has plenty of power, handles reasonably well for a convertible (possibly helped by the larger wheels and supposedly uprated suspension). It also makes a rather fantastic noise (which you can hear in the walk around video below), thanks to the non standard exhaust.

The car is solid, but we’d class the aesthetic condition of the car as below average. As you can see there are areas of repair around the rear bumper and at the back of the rear arches which could have been completed more tidily and still needs painting. The paintwork is average in general with some imperfections and signs of ageing where it could have been cared for better. The roof goes up and down with no issues and is in fair condition. The interior of the car is not standard, with the centre console, seats, door cards, steering wheel and gear lever having been changed. The instruments are of the later type which is preferable to some over the earlier barrel style gauges. The headlights have also been replaced with American spec units that have had the surrounds painted, although this is flaking to reveal the original chrome trim.

There isn’t much in the way of a history file with the car unfortunately, but there is the original service book, an invoice of two and a few MOTs. The mileage of just under 70,000 would appear to be accurate, but we cannot warrant it.  Please note that although this is badged as a Lister it is not a Lister car and has not been modified by them.

The car is perfectly drivable and useable as it is, and we feel with a few improvements it could be quite a looker too. Personally I would swap the wheels for a slightly smaller set with a more closed face design  (Dunlop alloys,  perhaps), swap the exhaust tips out for a set of smaller quad tips like you’d see on a TWR XJ-S, replace the grille, tidy the paint where needed and change the interior along with a few other small items and then enjoy the car as intended, with the roof down and listening to the glorious Jaguar V12.



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