1984 Ford Capri V12



Here is a chance to purchase a project that is quite unusual. Not only is this Ford Capri very solid, but it has also been ‘fitted’ with a later BMW V12. We’re not entirely sure why someone decided to cram a V12 engine and auto gearbox into the front of this Capri, but it definitely makes for something just a little bit different, though only you can decide it should ever see the road with this engine, or with another, more fitting engine. There is always lots of talk about a Capri’s handling and the need for a bag of cement in the boot, but there is a chance that the weight gain for this V12 may not be too insurmountable with an open mind and a fair bit of clever engineering solutions. It would be easy to remove the V12 and sell it, and replace it with a V8 that wouldn’t fill up that cavernous engine bay *quite* so much, but in our opinion that wouldn’t be quite so fun. The BMW V12 engine sits quite far forward in the engine bay, although it is positioned as far back as is currently possible without the oil sump fouling the steering arms. A good starting position might be to see how reasonable it would be to dry sump the engine, and to see if a smaller (and possibly manual) gearbox is available that would allow the V12 to sit right at the back of the engine bay and therefore give the car a fighting chance at having some halfway decent handling characteristics.

It is also important to consider that this car does need a full restoration, it isn’t a small project that will be on the road in a couple of weeks. We’re not entirely sure how complete the car is either, especially since it now combines the parts of two cars. We can say that there are some ECUs, manifolds and the dash for the BMW engine, as well as the wiring loom, so hopefully that should save a lot of hard work if you’re planning to stick with the V12. There will be modifications to the car which may make it difficult to put it back to a standard spec. The car is supplied with a V5 but not much in the way of history.

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