1983 Porsche 928 S


The Porsche 928 needs no introduction, and whether you love it or hate it this car is an iconic part of Porsche’s history. It is a very different proposition to a 911, and with many different characteristics, but it does afford the opportunity for someone to purchase a Porsche at a much lower price than you’d find a similar condition 911 for (although it is important that you weigh up the running costs for any classic car, as a 928 is not one to run on a shoestring budget). 

This particular 928 is a 1983 ‘S’ model with a 4.7l V8 producing 296hp, although it has been modified to appear more like an S4 model from the rear, and has been repainted in yellow at some point, although there are some photos from 2006 of the car in the original colour which appears to be baltic blue.

The car is in average condition cosmetically, and could use some tidying in places. There is some bubbling on the near side sill and some paint damage on the rear bumper. A small part of window trim has come loose on the driver’s window. The interior is in fair condition with no rips or tears but the leather could use some sort of treatment to make it more presentable.

The car is presented with an MOT lasting until September 2020. The car runs well and though not as powerful as cars today, still provides a good turn of speed when asked. There is a reasonably large history file detailing expenditure on the car from the 90s onwards, including a list of when the car has been serviced. It has not seen a great deal of use in recent history and is a great opportunity for someone who wants to drive and enjoy it, and possibly improve it at the same time. There are invoices from a variety of Porsche specialists and main dealers for both parts and work carried out over the lifetime of the car. The original speedo was replaced in the 90s and this is documented in the history file, although when we have driven the car we have noticed it is not working now, so that is something that will need attention. We would suggest that the car has covered somewhere around 90,000 miles in the course of its life rather than the 50,000 or so suggested by the speedometer and the online MOT checker. There are a great deal of MOTs stretching back until the late 80s to help corroborate the mileage and the speedo change. Please see below to watch a walk around video and photos of the car.


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