1973 Jaguar XJ12L


The Jaguar XJ needs no introduction, it was and still is what a luxury saloon car should be, providing sublime ride quality, comfort and brisk performance.

This example, as with the other example which we currently have for sale, is a series 1, long wheelbase car, featuring the V12 engine brought in late into the series 1 production run to provide a higher performing model compared to the XJ6. The quad-carburettor fed V12 is a wonderful engine to enjoy, and will happily encourage you to drain both fuel tanks in a rapid manner. That said, on a motorway these cars can happily return fuel economy in the mid-teens, so they may not be as ruinous to run as you might have been led to believe.

Similarly to the other XJ12s currently in our care, we have sought to improve this car mechanically. This has included a full service, four new tyres supplied by Blockley, replacement thermostats, a differential pinion seal, replacement hand brake pads, a new propshaft mount, a replacement gearbox oil seal, replacement inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets, cam cover gaskets, a core plug and a new header tank. The V12 engine in this car runs and revs particularly sweetly and eagerly, and is a pleasure to drive.

The exterior of the car presents well, and while white may not be the first choice for many people, it does contrast beautifully with the blue interior. There is little to see in the way of bodywork damage or corrosion, and the brightwork is in generally good condition too, with only the rear bumper and front passenger door handle showing signs of pitting.

The interior of the car is also in good condition, with the blue seats and door cards providing a pleasant change from the black or tan that we are so used to now. There is some minor damage to the vinyl covering the driver’s interior door handle, and we are trying to find a colour matched material to repair it.

The car also comes with a history file that includes MOTs from 1981, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1997, 2011, 2015, and 2021. While these MOTs are not enough to conclusively prove that the car’s mileage of under 40,000 miles is genuine, we believe it is likely. We also hope that whomever decides to purchase the car puts many more miles on it, as these cars really are built to be enjoyed. The history file also contains a variety of old receipts and invoices, along with the parts invoices for the work that has been completed during the car’s time with us.

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