1973 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior

The Car

The Alfa Romeo GT Junior is one of the most iconic cars of its generation, with its stunning design penned by Bertone this pretty little car is quite ageless and incredibly elegant. This lovely LHD example was originally delivered new in Italy and has covered only 68,000 kilometres since then. The car has been recently serviced including new plates.


This car comes with a good amount of paperwork including some from Italy including their equivalent of the MOT test (revisions) going back to 1998. There is also a disk with manuals and diagrams of the vehicle that could be helpful to any future owner and also its old Italian plates. The car also comes with its ASI (Italian Historic Car Register) documents from 2007 and a copy of the Italian registration document.

Body & Paintwork

As you can see from the photos the bodywork and paint on this car is in great condition, and the underside of the car is also in great shape. The condition of the car is very good and it is easy to see just how well it has been looked after. There are a couple of small marks on the rear bumper but the rest of the chrome work is in good shape also though all of the chrome work is original to the car. The engine bay is also in great condition.

Interior Trim

​The interior of this Alfa is a particularly nice place to be. The seats are completely unmarked and are covered in … The rest of the interior is also in very good condition and almost like new. There is even a hand throttle for those that like to cruise. All of the interior trim is original to the car.


The 1300cc engine fitted to this car is fast becoming a more popular option over the larger engined GT Juniors, as the smaller engined car is surprisingly fast and nimble due to its lighter weight. This engine is real peach and revs freely and sounds particularly lovely with its raspy, metallic note.

Running Gear

​This car drives absolutely beautifully, better than most other cars of a similar age. The gearshift is smooth with no notching, the clutch bite is high but it is something that is easy to adjust to. The car handles very well and communicates excellently. This isn’t a very fast car by today’s standards but it is nimble and fun to drive. Its a definite must for any Petrolhead’s dream garage. The car has recently had new rear callipers, a new steering idle box, and the tyres and wheels are in excellent condition.

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