1955 Land Rover Series 1 – V8


1955 Land Rover Series 1 affectionately nicknamed Mavis. This is no concours queen, and is modified with a carburetted Rover 3.5l. V8, so not a car obsessed with originality, but all about fun. This car has been in my ownership since 2016, and has sadly only seen minor use, though I have used it for pottering about, a few local shows, a couple of weeks of commuting one summer, and mildly scaring a few friends (a loud V8, no belts and barely any doors helps in that regard). Little has been needed in terms of maintenance, and the engine starts very happily and runs nicely (and with a fantastic noise). New tyres would be recommended due to the age, but they are not perished/cracked that I have seen, so it depends on your planned use for the car. General condition is possibly worthy of an old Land Rover, with no straight, unmarked panels, and plenty of history with each dink, dent and scuff.
There isn’t much paperwork aside from a V5 and a few invoices for parts from work carried out during my ownership. Undoubtably a car I’ll regret selling, but given the lack of use better to let someone else have a chance of enjoying it, and that V8 noise really is addictive.

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