Thursday 21st May 2020 – Mavis

Another of my cars that I’d abandoned for too long! Well, since we’re still in lockdown I’ve been trying to get around to all those things that I’d forgotten about, or gotten bored of and left. Mavis had been struggling to start since around the beginning of last year, and has been in storage since then really, just being moved from place to place. A couple of people have walked past it and tried to start it but have gotten bored. The tiny battery never did a great job but even with a jump pack it has refused to start for well over a year.

By this point we’ve actually managed to get around to seeing what the problem was. It had spark coming from the coil but it seems that the distributor cap was kaput, so a new one was ordered from Rimmer Bros and arrived today. After this point I really need to get the car up on a ramp and get it inspect. I know that the tyres are ancient, that there are a few worn bushes and there is most likely some form of steering fault, but we’ll find out in the next week or two exactly what that is.



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