1967 MGB GT


This little MGB has been subject to recommissioning, mechanical and other work in the previous year, and comes with a current MOT, and invoices for parts showing the recent expenditure. This is by no means a perfect car, and it is obvious from the photos and the videos that it is in poor condition cosmetically, but the mechanical condition is very good, and the car starts and drives very well for its age and type. In the past year we’ve added electronic ignition which means that car now starts with only the slightest touch of the key, meaning it is definitely a more reasonable proposition for regular use.

There is corrosion to the bodywork, and the paint has also suffered, meaning that the car would benefit from being repainted, but it is perfectly useable as it is, and in perhaps in some ways it is preferable to a pristine car if you’re the type of person who likes to use a car. The front bumper and grille have suffered damage at some point in the car’s life, and both would need replacing. The interior is in good condition with the exception of the gear knob which has peeled. There was a new oil pressure and water temperature gauge fitted last year, which is not backlit. All of the rest of the lights for the instruments have been replaced as part of the recommissioning.

The car comes with a good history file which details a lot of expenditure over its life, and has been well looked after during its time with us. It is a car I’ve really enjoyed driving and getting back on the road. In the past year we’ve replaced all of the suspension bushes, including the check straps for the rear axle, repaired some trim pieces, replaced a headlight and the horn, replaced the front brake pads, replaced all four tyres (with the best Bridgestones available for the size), painted the wheels, converted the car to electronic ignition, repaired rust issues, and of course, serviced the car. It all adds up to a parts bill of many hundreds of pounds and means that any new owner should be able to enjoy the car without too much worry.

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