1948 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside

The Chevrolet 3100 pick up is an iconic truck and also one of the most popular to modify. This example is highly modified in every aspect with a huge amount of time and money spent by a previous owner to complete this project. The cab has been chopped by two inches and flows beautifully with the rest of the design as if it was always meant to be this way. All of the harsh body lines have been smoothed out to make this into a truly customised pick up. The rear windows were all custom made to fit the newly chopped roof. All of the chrome has been removed as have the door handles and headlight surrounds, this really is as smooth as you can make one of these trucks. The bumpers are hand made and exclusive bumper shoulders add to the smooth aesthetic just as they should after so many man hours were spent making them.

There are several anti-theft devices incorporated into the truck including motion detectors in the bonnet and doors as well as remote alarm system horns that are not visible. The battery is also not visible and is well hidden (as we found out after spending quite a while trying to find it when the truck first arrived with us).

The highly polished billet five spoke wheels similar to Halibrands are called style ‘TQ’ and really help to complete the aesthetic of this truck. The wheels are 15-7 front and 15-10 rear and are fitted with BFG radials. The truck is perfectly stranded and the undercarriage expresses great attention to detail.

The engine bay is very neat and precisely put together, so as to minimise a cluttered appearance and focus your attention on to the 305 Chevy motor with a .060 piston bore, stage II. Edelbrock performer aluminium intake manifold, Edelbrock 500 cfm carburettor with added electric choke, Weiand air cleaner, aluminium ball-milled valve covers, Jet Hot coating on the exhaust block-hugger headers, aluminium transmission dip stick, aluminium breather caps on the valve covers, a Delco-Remey HEI distributor system with Summit 8mm plug wires also feature. Custom paint has been applied to the air conditioning compressor and alternator along with the firewall, inner hood and radiator shroud.

The interior is also modified and a very pleasant place to be with an extreme level of attention to detail applied everywhere. All of the trim has been neatly places, solenoids are neatly mounted for electronic opening features and even the door hinges have hand made hinge covers carved out of billet aluminium to hide the area and make it more pleasant to look at. There are billet mirrors throughout which matches excellently with the custom grey tweet which helps offset the cold feel of the metal work by providing a warm and comfortable aesthetic to the cabin area. The billet aluminium steering wheel is a stunning focal point in the cabin and cost $1000 which helps to give you an idea of the cost of this sort of metalwork on this truck, the expense list must have been simply huge. ‘Auto Meter’ gauges were also an expensive addition for the set of 6 Ultra Light aluminium gauges that are custom inset into the filled dash. There is an aluminium controller, which controls the vintage air conditioning system for another outlay. The air compressor is a 510AC which will provide plenty of cool air for those hot summer days. The interior also features a custom column drop and centre console that is mounted overhead and neatly covered in fabric which looks fantastic and helps to provide something of a jet fighter feel when you reach up to the radiator.

The truck bed is custom fabricated from 14 gauge sheet metal and the bed floor is raised as the rear to incorporate a custom fuel tank. The floor on the bed is reinforced by 2×2 square tubing to give it support. All of the seams where two panels are jointed together have been sealed for water protection against rust. The tail gate was custom fabricated using 14 gauge sheet metal also. The bed edges are all boxed in for a neat appearance. All of the bed stake pockets are capped off and the bed rails are also capped off.

The rear end suspension is Ford 8 inch with a 2.79 gear ration. The rear end is hung parallel-leaf springs. The leaf springs have been mounted inboard and use a hand fabricated custom style mount. The sway bar is a ‘Fat-Fendered’ street rob model. The shocks are ‘Gabriel Hi Jacker’ to give a smooth ride.

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