1935 Dodge KC 1/2 Ton Commercial Pick-Up

Here is another of the three pick ups that have recently arrived for sale, and quite possibly my favourite too. This sweet 1935 Dodge KC 1/2 Ton pick up has performance that is quite at odds with its aesthetic of a fairly original 1930s pick up truck.

This pick up was the recipient of a detailed restoration a few years ago and looks simply stunning with its dark green coachwork with black mudguards that nicely offsets the yellow wheels which all adds together to help you imagine this little pick up driving through the US over 50 years ago. The bed has been restored and fitted with a tonneau cover.

On the inside the truck looks similarly original with a huge period steering wheel that makes it a little tough to fit your legs under and a bench seat that have been recovered and barely used since. There is also a set of matched modern ‘vintage style’ white-faced clocks. Its when you look down at the footwell that you really see that this truck isn’t as original as it seems. The B&M ratchet shifter looks a little out of place for sure but you’ll probably miss that the first time after being distracted by the blue Nitrous bottle and programmer which I can easily say I wasn’t expecting to see the first time that I looked at this truck.

The chassis is original and was restored along with the rest of the truck. There is a late model differential and rear axle with disc brakes, something that you’ll be glad of considering the uprated performance. The engine bay is customised and well detailed, though this isn’t a V8 truck but instead is fitted with ’60s/’70s slant 6 Chrysler engine with an Offenhauser alloy rocker cover, Holley carb and an Offenhauser manifold. There is also an alloy ‘bug catcher’ filter, a tubular exhaust, nitrous injection plumbing, and an electric fan among other things. This is an incredibly special truck that has a huge amount of character that begs to be driven.

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